Approval for Use of Land and Buildings in Callan Park - New South Wales


You will need a licence or lease for certain activities in Callan Park. This includes for the use of either:

  • a building or part of a building and of any adjoining land needed to enable the use of the building or part of the building
  • any land within Callan Park.

A licence or lease will not allow any use that is not a health, education or community facility or use. Any residential use on the site is prevented. However, housing associated with a permitted use may be considered.

A lease will be typically required where exclusive use or control of part of Callan Park is desirable for effective use and management. A lease may also be required due to either the:

  • scale of investment in facilities
  • necessity for security measures
  • relationship between a major user any facilities in Callan Park must justify such security of tenure.

Licences allow multiple and non-exclusive use of an area. A licence may be required where intermittent or short-term use or control of part of Callan Park is proposed. A number of licences for different users can apply to the same area at the same time, provided there is no conflict of interest.

Please be aware that if you intend to undertake development in Callan Park conditions may apply. Development for the purpose of health facilities and educational or community facilities will be considered, however development for the purpose of retirement villages is prohibited at Callan Park. All development applications should be directed to your local Council.

Callan Park is divided into eight precincts. Conditions will depend on the precinct you intend to conduct your business.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

Please consult with the Contact Officer for information on any eligibility requirements.


The term of any lease or licence, including the term of any further lease or licence that may be granted under an option for renewal of the lease or licence, must not exceed 10 years.


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Apply Application All

On lodgement, you will be issued with a tax invoice for a non-refundable application fee. Payment of your application fee does not guarantee approval of your event; it holds your event date and venue.


Administering agency

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Environment and Heritage Group

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