Permit to Carry Out Dredging or Reclamation Work - New South Wales


You will require permit if you intend to conduct any of the following activities in water (which flows on a permanent or intermittent basis) or in a wetland area:

  • Dredging or excavating that is generally undertaken in estuaries and rivers (dredging includes activities that aid navigation, modify water flow, obtain supplies of gravel or lay pipelines and cables).
  • Reclamation that involves infilling, draining or clearing land to make it suitable for use for urban or rural development.

Please be aware that the Agency is likely to favourably consider dredging and reclamation activities that are for essential public navigation and environmental rehabilitation purposes. However, it is unlikely that permit will be granted if the activity would either:

  • reduce water quality
  • damage or destroy marine vegetation, including seagrasses and wetlands
  • damage or destroy riparian vegetation, gravel beds, reefs or snags, or interfere with commercial and recreational fishing or aquaculture activities.

Please be aware that certain dredging and reclamation work is exempt.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this permit, you must:

  • obtain consent from the landowner
  • provide an assessment of the proposed impact on the environment and relevant species from the proposed activities
  • provide methods to be used to minimise damage to the environment
  • provide justification for proposed activity with the environment, economic and social issues taken into consideration
  • provide plans and engineering drawings for proposed activities
  • pay any required fees.

You should firstly consult with other relevant Authorities to ascertain whether their approval is also required.


Completion of the works stated for a 12 month period


As specified


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Task Type Business Structure Amount Description
Apply Application All $179.00

Fees for 2022-23

Apply Application All -

Assessment fees:

  • minor - 3 hours - $179.00
  • moderate - 3-7 hours - $418.00
  • major - 21 hours - $1497.00
  • complex - more than 21 hours - $3891.00.

Fees for 2022-23

Apply Variation All $74.00

Additional assessment fee per hour or part thereof. Fees for 2022-23

Act(s) name

Fisheries Management Act 1994 New South Wales

Regulation(s) name

Fisheries Management (General) Regulation 2019 New South Wales

Application process


Please lodge your application form and any associated documentation directly with the Agency.

Administering agency

Department of Regional NSW

NSW Department of Primary Industries

Fisheries NSW

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