Advertising requirements for unlicensed contractors - Queensland


If you advertise to undertake building work for which you do not have the relevant licence, you will need to state in your advertisement the maximum value of work you are allowed to undertake. The limit for unlicensed hydraulic services design work is limited to work with a value of less than $1100. All other contractor work is limited to work with a value of no more than $3300.

The definition of advertisement is very broad, and can include spoken words (television or radio advertisements) or printed material.

However, the following works require a licence, regardless of the value of the work:

  • building design
  • plumbing and drainage
  • gas fitting
  • termite inspections
  • reports and pre-purchase building inspections
  • fire protection work
  • mechanical services work.

Service type

Advisory Material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance in undertaking a business.

Administering agency

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

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