Approval to conduct a shooting range - Queensland


You will require this approval if you intend to conduct a shooting range. A range can be approved if it is conducted by:

  • an approved shooting club
  • an incorporated association
  • an entity conducting a training course approved by the Commissioner.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible, you must:

  • have attained the age of 18 years
  • be a fit and proper person with specific reference to mental state, misuse of drugs and firearm offences involving violence or threatened violence
  • have completed the safety training course within the preceding 12 months
  • provide all details relevant to the type of shooting gallery you are applying for.


Five years


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Apply Application All

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Application process


To apply, you must submit a completed application form, prescribed fees and the following supporting documents to your local police station:

  • details of the approved shooting club permit or incorporated association/training entity in control of the proposed range
  • an overhead image (Google Earth Imagery, QLD Globe, NearMap, cadastral or similar maps) showing the actual location of the range in relation to the closest town, city or suburb of approximately 5-10km radius. A 2nd closer image showing the location of the range within approximately 3km of the range location.
  • a scaled, surveyed plan of the proposed site, to include the property boundary, firing point, centre line, target line and stop butt (if applicable)
  • longitudinal and cross-sectional plans detailing the height, location and nature of the devices proposed to prevent the escape of projectiles
  • where other than earth embankments are to be utilised, a large scale plan drawing of the intended construction and specifications of materials (e.g. baffles, bullet catcher, enclosures)
  • the type of target system proposed (e.g. turning target, metal target, falling plate, timber, paper target)
  • photographs of the proposed range site. Aerial photographs are also preferable (in some instances may be required)
  • details and verification of the entity's site occupation arrangements (e.g. leasing agreements, property titles or firing rights agreement for the site held by the entity). This is to include the entire danger area.
  • Written non-objection or approval from the local authority or council for the club to conduct the activities at the proposed range site
  • documentation from the local authority or council advising the area zoning, activities approved for the proposed area, any proposed future activities or zoning of the area (e.g. other sporting venues, housing or industrial development)
  • categories of the proposed shooting disciplines to be conducted at the range (e.g. clay target, full bore rifle, pistol, archery - clout/target) this is to include advice of match types, weapon types to be used and calibres, and
  • advice whether the range is to be used for any other purposes (e.g. training or testing firearms/crossbows).


This approval cannot be transferred.

Administering agency

Queensland Police Service

Weapons Licensing

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Weapons Licensing

Queensland Police Service

Mailing address: GPO Box 892
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Phone: 07 3015 7777
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