Armourer's Licence - Queensland


You require this licence to store, manufacture, modify or repair weapons in the course of business.

It does not authorise the dealing in, or the buying and selling of weapons.

As an armourer you cannot trade, buy or sell firearms.

You must lodge the application for renewal at a Queensland Police station at least the day before the expiry date of the licence.

You do this by submitting a completed Form 6A - "Application for Renewal of Licence" to a Queensland Police station.

Application forms for renewal will be posted to you. If you do not receive the forms prior to expiry of the licence, the onus is on you, the licensee can obtain renewal forms from a Queensland Police station or from the website.

Should you acquire a firearm/weapon other than through a licensed firearms dealer you are required to broker the acquisition through a licensed dealer, or a police officer only if there is no dealership within 100kms.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

You must:

  • have attained at least 18 years of age;
  • have a registered business providing details of the enterprise (e.g. sole provider);
  • provide a company extract detailing office holders of the company;
  • have approval from local council authority;
  • have completed the relevant Statement of Attainment for the categories of weapons they wish to be licensed for;
  • have adequate knowledge of safety practices relating to the use and maintenance of weapons for the category of weapons applied for;
  • provide a resume or details of experience with firearms relating to industry;
  • provide information re tools/equipment;
  • provide information re work intentions;
  • not be disqualified by the Weapons Act from holding a licence;
  • be a fit and proper person with specific reference to mental state, misuse of drugs and/or firearms, offences involving violence or threatened violence, and not subject to an order under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 1989;
  • have demonstrated ability to manufacture, modify or repair weapons.

Your business premises and all storage and display facilities must be reasonably secure from unlawful entry and comply with the minimum safety standards as prescribed within the Weapons Regulation 1996.


This licence remains in effect for a maximum of five years.


You can find the current fees here.

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Application process

You can obtain this licence by submitting a completed Application for a Licence, Firearms List, Proof of Identity Declaration, and Annexure - Occupational Armourer, at a Queensland Police station.

You must also submit all other required information as detailed.

You must have the business premises inspected by Police.

Armourers may not claim a restricted licence under Section 39(2) of the Weapons Regulations 1996.


You can transfer this licence.

The purchaser must be a person to whom a licence would have been issued.

The purchaser must provide all information required to obtain this licence.

You can transfer this licence by submitting a completed Change of Business Particulars - Other Reasons (Form 4D) and an Application for a Licence, Firearms List, Proof of Identity Declaration, and Annexure - Occupational Armourer, at a Queensland Police station.

If an authorised officer approves the transfer, the purchaser will be taken to be the holder of the licence from the time the sale is finalised until the licence is formally transferred or a fresh licence is issued in the purchaser's name for the balance of the original licence's term.

Additional information

You can obtain copies of these forms from the website or from a Queensland Police station.

Administering agency

Queensland Police Service

Weapons Licensing

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