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You will need this approval to moor a commercial vessel or amphibious vehicle. You will also need this approval to use a public boat ramp, jetty and / or pontoon for any other activity. These activities include:

  • riding an animal on any jetty, barge loading ramp or boat ramp
  • packing or unpacking any dangerous or contaminated goods or other goods likely to adversely affect public health or safety or the environment (other than fish and fishing tackle and other goods associated with fishing) on any jetty
  • soliciting, canvassing for sale, or selling boat tickets, goods, foodstuffs, chattels or any other thing on any jetty
  • erecting or maintaining any sign board, notice board, or other fixtures or erection for the exhibition of bills or notices on any jetty
  • exhibiting, affixing or maintaining any bill or notice on a jetty.

You must not park any vehicle at the shore end of any jetty, barge loading ramp or boat ramp to obstruct or interfere with (or be likely to obstruct or interfere with) access to or from the jetty.

You do not need this approval to moor your boat if the activity is authorised by a notice displayed by council at the boat ramp or landing, or if you have written permission from an authorised person.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

You may have to meet the following approval conditions:

  • enact measures to protect the safety of persons who may be involved in, or affected by, your activity
  • enact measures to ensure your activity does not cause a nuisance
  • comply with all relevant government and industry standards
  • make periodic payments to the council
  • make facilities installed under the licence available for use by the public at specified times or over specified periods
  • provision and maintenance of furniture, fittings, equipment, chattels, services and facilities
  • prescribe the location and method of entry and exit to the boat ramp or jetty
  • remove any rubbish created by the activity and ensure the boat ramp or jetty is kept in the same condition as before the activity commenced
  • indemnify the council against claims for personal injury and damage to property arising by, through, or in connection with your activity
  • prescribe the amount, size, content and type of signage that may be installed or erected.


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Act(s) name

Local Government Act 2009 Queensland

Application process


To apply for this approval, you must:

  • complete the approved application form
  • pay the prescribed fee.

You may be required to provide the following with your application:

  • details of the purpose and nature of the activity
  • details of the number of persons to be involved, including participants and employees
  • details of any structure or equipment
  • specification of the points of entry and exit
  • a statement detailing your experience and qualifications, including those of your staff
  • if your activity involves a motor vehicle or a ship, provide details including the colour, make, body and type, the owner's name, address and written consent, registration number, maximum lawful seating capacity, fuel type, and weight
  • if your activity includes a motor vehicle or a ship, provide evidence that use of the motor vehicle or ship on or at the boat ramp or jetty is consistent with the design specifications of the boat ramp or jetty.

Administering agency

Whitsunday Regional Council

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