Commercial filming/photography licence (Brisbane) - Queensland


Approval is required for any filming and some still photographic shoots of a commercial nature in areas under the control of council. You should contact Brisbane City Council prior to applying for a still photographic shoot permit.

Film Production

The following activities require an approval from council:

  • closing or requiring use of public areas, such as parks, malls roadways and footpaths
  • having vehicle access to a public area, such as a park, road or mall
  • using freestanding equipment, such as lighting, generators, dolly tracks and tripods, that could be a danger to the public or restrict public use of the area
  • leaving freestanding equipment unattended
  • having cables on the ground in a public area
  • using equipment such as catering and changing facilities

The following activities do not require an approval from council:

  • film crew legally parking vehicles in the street and use the location setting as a backdrop with shoulder mounted cameras (except if filming in malls)
  • filming solely within private property
  • filming on a footway and not:
  1. using the footway for longer than 48 hours
  2. fully obstructing the footway and do not require pedestrians to move onto the road or take an alternative path
  3. on a main road or in the CBD.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

Public liability insurance is required.

Applicant should enclose a copy of public liability insurance/certificate of currency.

The council requires to be noted as an interested party on the policy.

The sum insured is to be a minimum of $10,000,000.00.

Please note: until such time public liability insurance has been received, applications are unable to be processed.


This licence remains in effect for the period specified


Contact council to determine applicable fees.

Application process

You can obtain this licence by submitting a completed Filming in Brisbane application form and Resident/business notification letter in persona at council offices, by surface mail or emailing it to the Filming Approvals Officer with a subject line Filming Activity.

If you want to close a lane, road or Brisbane City Council parking bay for filming, you must:

  • complete a temporary lane or road closure application form. Make sure the applicant name on this form is the same as the applicant name on the Filming in Brisbane application form
  • provide a detailed map of your proposed road or lane closure
  • obtain approval from the Queensland Police Service.


This licence cannot be transferred.

Additional information

Anyone using a council asset for filming or photographic purposes should speak to Brisbane City Council.

Administering agency

Brisbane City Council

Contact details

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Brisbane City Council


Contact Email, Phone and Address Details for this service in simple two column table format, header then data.

Brisbane City Council

Operating address: Library & Customer Centre, 266 George Street
Queensland 4000
Mailing address: GPO Box 1434
Queensland 4001
Phone: 07 3403 8888
Fax: 07 3403 9982