Contract cleaning industry (portable long service leave) - employer registration - Queensland


You will need to register with QLeave to engage one or more workers (including eligible "sole trader" contractors) to perform cleaning work for other people in Queensland. QLeave collates the amount of long service an employee has acquired while working in the cleaning industry. If you are an employer in the contract cleaning industry, you required to register with QLeave.

Once registered, QLeave (Portable long service leave) allows an eligible worker, who works in the contract cleaning industry, to count service in the industry towards gaining a long service leave entitlement, regardless of the number of employers for whom the work was carried out.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


This registration remains in effect until the employer stops engaging workers to perform cleaning work in the contract cleaning. The registered employer may then, by notice, apply for cancellation of registration.


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Task Type Business Structure Description
Apply Miscellaneous All

No fees are payable for this registration.

At the end of each financial quarter, the employer is liable to submit an employer return containing details of each eligible worker's ordinary wages, and pay a levy on all eligible workers' ordinary wages for the quarter to the Authority.


Application process


You must apply for registration within seven days of becoming an employer.


This registration cannot be transferred.

Administering agency


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Contract cleaning industry - Workers and employers


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