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Environmentally relevant activities are industrial or intensive agricultural activities that will, or have the potential to, release contaminants into the environment that may cause environmental harm.  They include a wide range of activities such as aquaculture, sewage treatment, metal recovery, surface coating, asphalt manufacturing and mining.

There are 2 categories of environmentally relevant activities - resources activities and prescribed environmentally relevant activities.

From 1 April 2013, it is a requirement of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 that anyone who conducts an environmentally relevant activity must hold an environmental authority for that activity and be registered as a suitable operator with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.  If you currently hold an environmental authority or registration certificate you are automatically added to the suitable operator register and are not required to make an application. The environmental authority will licence you to operate and is administered by a range of Queensland Government and local government agencies. The agency that administers an environmental authority is called the administering authority.

Council administers the following prescribed environmentally relevant activities:

Asphalt Manufacturing (1000t or more of asphalt per year);

  • Plastic Product Manufacturing (50t or more of plastic product per year; or 5t or more of foam, composite plastics or rigid fibre-reinforced plastics per year);
  • Metal Forming (10000t or more of hot forming metal per year);
  • Metal Recovery (recovering less than 100t of metal in a day; or recovering, without using a fragmentiser, 100t or more of metal in a day or 10000t or more of metal in a year);
  • Surface Coating (anodising, electroplating, enameling or galvanising using 1t to 100t of surface coating materials in a year);
  • Boat Maintenance or Repair (within 50 metres of a naturally occurring bed of surface waters)
  • Waste Incineration and Thermal Treatment (incinerating waste vegetation, clean paper or cardboard).

If you are intending to make application for one of these environmentally relevant activities in conjunction with another environmentally relevant activity at the same place that is not on this list, then the relevant Queensland Government department (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry or Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) will be the administering authority and will assess the environmentally relevant activity component of the application.

In addition, if the activity is carried out as a mobile and temporary activity across more than one local government area, the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection will be the administering authority.  A development approval is not required for mobile and temporary activities.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


Rockhampton Regional Council's fees and charges are available on the council website, or contact council to determine applicable fees.


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Application process

All the above environmentally relevant activities are known as concurrence environmentally relevant activities and trigger a material change of use for the environmentally relevant activity under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.  To make an application that includes a concurrence environmentally relevant activity you must apply to the assessment manager using the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) process. You must use the IDAS forms relevant for your development (at least forms 1 and 8) to apply for a development permit.

The development application will be used as an application for a development permit and an environmental authority.  If you are not a registered suitable operator and have not applied to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to be a suitable operator, you must complete the suitable operator section of the application form and council will forward the form to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

In addition to completed application forms, you must provide land owners consent, all mandatory information and the application fees to council.

You may be required to provide further information to assist in the assessment of the application.  Council will contact you if further information is required.


Development permits for ERAs are not transferable as the conditions apply to the land itself. If you purchase the land parcel you will also acquire the development permit.  Environmental authorities are transferrable because the environmental authority is attached to the operator.

You will have to apply to become a suitable operator through the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and, along with the seller of the business, apply to transfer the environmental authority to your name through council.

Additional information

As the holder of an environmental authority in Queensland, you will need to meet certain requirements to comply with your environmental authority. These requirements are in addition to the environmental obligations that everyone must comply with, and include:

- paying annual fees and submitting annual returns

- complying with the conditions on your environmental authority

Council has a range of compliance powers and tools that they can use in the event that a person or activity is not meeting their environmental obligations.

All Queensland Acts and Regulations can be viewed or printed from the Queensland Government Legislation website below.

Administering agency

Rockhampton Regional Council

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