Gas work authorisation - Queensland


You will need this authorisation if you intend to install, remove, alter, repair, service, test and certify the gas system of a gas device (type B).

A gas device (type B) includes devices such as most industrial gas plant, some commercial gas devices, and fuel gas systems of vehicles or vessels.

There are 4 categories of gas work authority:

  • Industrial appliances - authorises the holder to carry out gas work in relation to an industrial appliance, group of appliances or gas system.
  • Servicing - authorises the holder to carry out gas work that involves repairing, servicing and testing a gas device (type B) of a type or group stated in the authorisation other than gas work carried out under a gas work authorisation (motor fuel) or that changes the design layout operating parameters of a gas system.
  • Motor fuel - authorises the holder, to carry out gas work stated in the authorisation for a gas system that supplies fuel: to the engine of a vehicle or vessel; or to a stationary engine capable of consuming fuel gas at a rate of 5GJ/hr or less.
  • Major project - authorises the holder to carry out gas work for a project to develop and build an operating plant, or part of a plant, if the total gas capacity of the devices at the plant, or the part of the plant, is 50GJ/hr or more.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

Your requirements will vary depending on your category of licence. To be eligible, you must:

  • meet the relevant technical requirements
  • be a suitable person.

You may need to pass the approved gas work trade test at a participating registered training organisation (RTO) before lodging an application if you do not pass the currency requirements. This is to check that your skills are current before your licence application is accepted.

If you do not meet the qualifications and experience requirements, you will need to discuss your options with a registered training organisation (RTO) which may include training, recognition of prior learning or mapping.


3 years


Fees Details for this service in table format.

Task Type Business Structure Description
Apply Application All

Application fees:

  • industrial appliances - $86.28
  • servicing - $86.28
  • motor fuel - $86.28
  • major project - $2,601.24.

Fees for 2023-24

Apply Licence All

Annual fee:

  • industrial appliances - $51.68
  • servicing - $51.68
  • motor fuel - $51.68
  • major project - $2,601.24.

Fees for 2023-24

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Application process


This application can only be submitted online. You cannot print and submit this application by post or email. You will be emailed a receipt / tax invoice after you submit the form.

Administering agency

Resources Safety and Health Queensland

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