Heavy vehicle parking permit - Queensland


You may need this permit to park your heavy vehicle on residential premises, rural premises or built-up areas.

Residential premises are premises used primarily for residential use, such as a house or multi-unit residential activity.

Rural premises are premises used primarily for an animal or crop related activity, such as cattle grazing, dairying, poultry farm, farm forestry, hydroponics or turf farm.

Built-up areas refer to areas in which either of the following is present for a distance of at least 500 metres or, if the length of the road is shorter than 500 metres, the distance of the whole road:

  • buildings no more than 100 metres apart on land next to the road
  • street lights not more than 100 metres apart.

A permit will be required if you are parked for longer than it takes to load or unload your vehicle.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


You will not need to apply for this permit if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • an emergency vehicle being used for an emergency or other official purpose
  • a heavy vehicle involved in the construction, investigation or maintenance of a community facility
  • a heavy vehicle conducting an activity on a residential property, e.g. the short-term parking of a removal van
  • a heavy vehicle permitted to be parked on residential premises or rural premises pursuant to a development approval.

Eligibility requirements

You may need to demonstrate that you have heavy vehicle access approval from the State department and consent from the owners of any property within 50 metres of where the vehicle will be parked.

Act(s) name

Local Government Act 2009 Queensland

Administering agency

Local Council

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