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The customer should phone council and talk to a development compliance officer or a town planner. The City Plan is used and self assessable standards are to be complied with by the applicant.

City Plan establishes minimum requirements for the operation of businesses from a residential property. As a general rule home occupations or home businesses are permissible and do not require council approval when there is no adverse impact on the environment and your neighbours.

City Plan includes minimum requirements to allow you to run a business from home without lodging an application to council.

The types of home business generally not requiring approval include a small home office or family day care.

You do not need to lodge a town planning application with council if your home business meets the self assessable standards in the home business code, such as:

  • you live permanently in the home from where you want to operate the business
  • your home business:
    1. involves no more than one non resident employee on site at any one time
    2. uses no more than 50m2 floor area (except if a commercial guest accommodation, child care facility or dog day care facility)
    3. doesnt display goods or signs
    4. doesnt hire out materials, goods, appliances or vehicles.
  • Your operation doesnt involve releasing any contaminant as defined in the Environmental Protection Act 1994, including noise;
    1. Doesn't impose greater requirements on any public utility such as water or sewerage than would be reasonable from a family home
    2. Doesn't interfere with the amenity of the neighbourhood, such as through noise emission, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, vapour, steam, soot, ash, dust, grit, oil, waste water, waste products, radio or electrical interference.
  • Your business results in:
    1. only one person waiting at or near the premises at any time (excluding the permanent resident/s and one non resident employee)
    2. only one motor vehicle parked on the site or on the sites street frontage at any time (excluding business related vehicle/s of the permanent resident/s and one non resident employees vehicle)
    3. the home business involves no more than 1 visit per day of a delivery vehicle with a capacity of less than 2.5 tonnes
    4. no repairing, servicing or cleaning of motor vehicles.

Business operating hours are limited to 8am - 1pm Monday to Saturday, except for commercial guest and child care facility.

Commercial guest or home stay accommodation in residential areas:

  • involves only accommodation for travellers for a short term paid stay
  • maximum four paying guests are accommodated at any time
  • the total number of residents and paying guests does not exceed 6 at any time
  • home stay guests occupy maximum of two bedrooms.

Commercial child care home businesses in residential areas:

  • the maximum number of children being provided with child care and resident children complies with the Child Care Act 2002 and the Child Care Regulation 2003.

Dog day care facility

  • the maximum number of dogs does not exceed 4 at any time.

All home based businesses must comply with council policy.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Application process

If your business does not meet the above requirements you will need council approval. Therefore you will need to lodge an impact assessment application if the self assessable standards are not met.

Your business will need to:

  • be part of the home
  • be low key in terms of its nature, size and employment
  • have no adverse impact on residential amenity or services
  • have no impact on the amount of local traffic
  • ensure vehicle use associated with the business has no adverse impact on neighbours
  • have hours of operation to suit the residential environment
  • make no significant change to noise levels in the surrounding area.

Additional information

Fact sheets and an overview brochure on the City Plan are available from the Brisbane City Council customer service centres, libraries and ward offices.

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Brisbane City Council

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