Individual Builder Licence - Contractor, Nominee Supervisor or Site Supervisor - Queensland


You require this licence if you are:

  • an individual wanting to perform building work in Queensland where the value of work being performed (including labor and materials) is over $3,300.00 (including GST) or,
  • one of the following (regardless of the value of work you undertake):
  1. building design (all classes)
  2. completed residential building inspection
  3. fire protection (all classes)
  4. plumbing and/or drainage
  5. gas fitter
  6. site classifiers
  7. termite management.

Please note:

Unlicensed contractors are required to state in their advertisements for building work the value of work they are entitled to carry out without a licence.

Some examples of statements that comply with these requirements include:

  • cannot perform building work valued in excess of $3,300
  • cannot perform building work valued at more than $3,300
  • only work valued at $3,300 or less

A  penalty applies for an unlicensed contractor who fails to make such a statement in an advertisement.

If an advertisement by an unlicensed person does not refer to any sort of building work, no statement is required.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

You must meet pre requisites in the following areas:

  • technical qualifications;
  • experience requirements; and
  • financial requirements.

Details are included in the application kit available from your regional Queensland Building and Construction Commission office.


This licence remains in effect for one calendar year. Renewal notices are issued annually.

Application process

Individual builder - contractor, nominee supervisor, site supervisor.

You must submit a completed application form.

Even if you are licensed in another state, that licence does not permit you to perform building work in Queensland. You will need to apply for a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licence before you commence work in Queensland.

If you are notifying under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992, you must also submit a completed Mutual recognition application form.

To apply under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992, you must be authorised to practice an occupation (equivalent to the Queensland occupation covered by this licence) in a participating state or territory under the Act and this licence must remain current until your Queensland licence is issued.

Note: Applications will not be approved until all criteria are met so please ensure all the required documentation is included with your application.

Site Supervisor

QBCC site supervisor licence was introduced on 21 December 2007. If you already hold an existing QBCC licence (either contractor or nominee supervisor) you are not required to obtain a Site supervisor licence as you are already able to supervise building work. You are only required to obtain a Site supervisor licence if you intend on supervising building work outside your existing licence class.

You may need to supply any missing documents or information which requires further clarification after applying.


You cannot transfer this licence.

Additional information

New Licence Class: Builder Project Management Services

What does this licence allow the holder to do?

This class has been designed to allow the holder to carry out a range of building work services including management and administrative services primarily as a client-side project manager. It does not allow the holder to manage the physical construction of any buildings.

Why has it been introduced?

It caters for the niche market of client-side project managers and allows for a wider range of suitably qualified contractors to carry out building work services.

What is the scope of work?

The licensee is able to perform the functions of a client-side project manager but not a builder project manager. They are able to engage but not supervise a builder to do the work on behalf of a client. They are not able to engage or supervise subcontractors directly.

The role involves administrative and management functions such as quality control, approving extensions of time claims, issuing directions for variations of the contract, determining values of completed work, suspending work, signing off on progress payments and other such administrative issues on behalf of a client. The holder of this licence is not able to carry out construction work (build anything).

What are the technical qualifications?

Successful completion of a degree in quantity surveying, engineering, architecture or construction management. Please note QBCC is not able to accept overseas qualifications. Holders of overseas qualifications will need to contact a suitable registered training organization to gain an equivalent Australian qualification.

How many years of experience are required?

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a minimum of four years experience across the scope of work.

Does an applicant have to comply with the financial requirements for licensing?

Yes, all applicants are required to comply with the financial requirements for licensing. Level of turnover will determine the applicable financial category. Turnover is revenue, not project value, e.g. a project is values at $30M but earnings - $150K p.a. An applicant would be able to become licensed based on the $150K turnover and therefore be able to sign a statutory declaration (on the application form) to meet QBCCs financial requirements.

Can a holder of this new licence take out QBCC Home Warranty Insurance?

No, this only covers residential construction work not contract administration.

Are registered engineers and architects exempt from holding this licence?

They are only exempt from holding this licence where they are carrying out works within their professional practice. Work outside their registration is building work for which they will need to apply for this licence.

Administering agency

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

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