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You will need a permit to move or graze livestock on public land. There are two permits which cover travelling and grazing livestock:

  • stock route travel permit
  • grazing (agistment) permit.

You will need a stock route travel permit to move stock on the stock route network. The stock route network is a series of roads where the movement of livestock is allowed. Camping and water reserves, pasture reserves, trucking reserves and government-controlled land can also form part of the stock route network.

You must apply for a stock route travel permit to move stock on:

  • stock routes
  • reserves for travelling stock
  • roads and other land under local government control
  • unallocated state land adjoining any of these listed land types.

You will need a grazing (agistment) permit to graze / agist stock on:

  • stock routes
  • reserves for travelling stock
  • roads and other land under local government control.

You will need to contact the council for a copy of their stock route network management plan and a list of their preferred agistment locations.

Livestock can include alpacas, asses, camels, cattle, donkeys, goats, horses, llamas, mules, sheep or vicunas.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

Any livestock owner or their authorised agent can apply for a stock route travel permit. You must ensure you have also applied for a livestock movement record.

If you are moving infant stock (less than six months old), your stock route travel permit must application must demonstrate that any infants are travelling with, and reliant on, their mother.

You will be eligible for a grazing (agistment) permit if you:

  • are a landowner whose land is adversely affected by drought, fire or flood
  • hold a stock route travel permit and intend to temporarily cease travelling to brand, crutch, dip, drench, jet or truck the stock
  • are spelling the stock to comply with an obligation imposed by animal welfare legislation
  • are responding to a notice by council inviting applications for grazing of stock.


Grazing permits issued for travelling livestock are valid for 7 days and cannot be renewed. Permits for non-travelling stock are valid for 28 days and can be renewed once only.


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Lodgement process


You are not required to reside in the council area where the application is submitted.

You will need to lodge your application a specified time beforehand:

  • If you are applying for travelling stock, you must lodge your application three days before the proposed grazing period.
  • If you are applying for non-travelling stock, you must allow seven days for your application to be processed.

Administering agency

Longreach Regional Council

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