Notification of Building and Construction Work - Queensland


You need this notification if building and construction work is to be done in Queensland and the cost of the work is $150,000 or more (exclusive of GST).

Levies are calculated on the cost of building and construction work, which is:

  • 0.475% of the total cost of the work  - 0.475% is the combined rate for Work Health & Safety Levy, Construction Skills Queensland Training Fund Levy and QLeave Levy
  • The levies are always payable together except for mining work (exemption explained on back of QLeave's Notification and payment form)
  • The "cost" of building and construction work is the total of all costs that relate to the work directly and indirectly.
This includes, but is not limited to, the value of all labour and materials to be used (including materials supplied by the owner), plant, equipment, design and project management. If the contract price reflects the total of all direct and indirect costs, then the cost may be determined by the contract price (or if there is more than one contract, the sum of the contract prices).

The cost of feasibility studies and environmental impact statements should be included in the total cost of work and claimed as exemptions.

All goods, materials, supplies and services, whether sourced from within Queensland, interstate or overseas, to be used for work in Queensland, must be included in the total cost of building and construction work.

When levy is payable

Levy for building and construction work to be carried out by a person must be paid:

  1. Before either of the following is given
    1. a development permit under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 in relation to the work that authorizes building work, plumbing or drainage work or operational work as defined under the Act
    2. an approval under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 that authorizes plumbing or drainage work for which a development permit under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 is not required; or
  2. If a development permit or an approval mentioned in paragraph (a) is not given, before the work is started - for subsection (1), the authority may, on written application allow a later time for payment in a particular case.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


A person is not required to pay a levy for the notification of building and construction work

  1. if the work is to be done under an owner builder permit issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)
  2. for a voluntary labour and donated materials component of the work to be done by, or for, a non profit organisation; or
  3. if the work, or part of the work, is to be done for a person who is not substantially engaged in the building and construction industry by the person or the person's workers for the work or part of the work; or
  4. if the work, or part of the work, is to be done for a local government, government entity or non Queensland government entity by its workers for the work of part of the work.

The person must prove the entitlement to an exemption to the Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Authoritys satisfaction. Application for exemptions must be made on the Notification and Payment Form..


You can obtain information on fees from the agency.

Application process

"Notification and Payment Forms" are available from any Queensland Australia Post Office or Agency. Completed forms can be lodged with your payment at: any Australia Post Office or at the QLeave address given in this Summary Sheet. Forms are available to be completed online at


The Notification and Payment remains current for the specified work at the specified address. Any changes to the project details must be notified to QLeave in writing.

Administering agency


Contact details

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Please use these contact details for help or more information:

(Portable Long Service Leave) Authority


Operating address: Suite 8, Level 4, Lutwyche City
543 Lutwyche Road
Lutwyche Queensland 4030
Mailing address: PO BOX 512
Lutwyche, Queensland 4030
Phone: 07 3212 6811
Phone: 1800 803 481
Website: QLeave (Opens in new window)