One-off charitable appeal permit - Queensland


Organisations and individuals can fundraise for a charitable purpose. If you want to fundraise for a charitable or community purpose on a one-off basis, you need to apply for a 'sanction'. A sanction is your permit to fundraise.

A charitable purpose is when you supply any of the following to a person in distress:

  • help
  • aid
  • relief
  • support
  • care
  • housing
  • education
  • instruction.

A person may be in distress because of:

  • the death or disability of another person upon whom they are dependant
  • disease or sickness
  • age
  • physical or mental infirmity
  • poverty
  • unemployment
  • a natural disaster or other emergency.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

A group of individuals or an association can be authorised to conduct the charitable appeal.

The funds must be donated during or at the end of the appeal and used for the purpose they were raised.

To obtain a one-off charitable appeal permit, you must:

  • name at least 3 promoters, not related to each other or the beneficiary, who will conduct the appeal
  • have the promoters sign a letter saying they are aware they need to submit audited financial statements within 4 weeks of the appeal ending
  • choose and name a charity that will receive any donations not able to be used for the purpose of the appeal
  • open a bank account in the name of the appeal (at least 2 people not related to each other or the beneficiary must operate this account).

For interstate charities, you must:

  • appoint at least 3 Queensland residents to carry out the association's Queensland activities
  • explain how the association will use the donations and how much will stay in Queensland
  • attach the trust deed with your application.

For overseas aid charities, you must either:

  • be associated with a trusted international aid organisation (both your association and the aid organisations must still give us a copy of their financial accounts each year)
  • receive funding from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid)
  • show us how you will ensure donations will reach the beneficiary.


The appeal must be for a duration of less than 6 months, unless a longer term is agreed to by the agency.


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You do not need to pay any fees.


Application process


When submitting your form, attach:

  • a statement explaining the reason for the appeal
  • evidence of the need for the appeal (for example, if the appeal is for a person with a medical condition, a statement from the beneficiary's doctor)
  • where the beneficiary is a person or association, a letter signed by the beneficiary (or legal representative) stating that they will accept the appeal proceeds.

Administering agency

Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Office of Fair Trading

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