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You will need to comply with the Queensland development code (QDC) to design or construct new buildings, or undertake work in existing buildings in Queensland.

The QDC consolidates all Queensland specific building standards into a single document. The QDC prescribes mandatory standards as well as model standards that local governments may adopt in their planning schemes and modify to suit their local circumstances. Compliance with a QDC standard may not be the only requirement and additional requirements may be imposed by state Acts, the building code of Australia, council planning schemes and local laws.

Building codes consolidated by the QDC include:

  • Part 1.0 Siting and amenity - Detached housing and duplexes
  • Part 2.0 Fire safety
  • Part 3.0 Special buildings
  • Part 4.0 Building sustainability
  • Part 5.0 General health, safety and amenity
  • Part 6.0 Maintenance of buildings.

The QDC covers Queensland matters that are outside the scope of, or have not been covered by, the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC provides a nationally uniform set of technical standards. Some of these standards are specific to Queensland. Where an inconsistency between the QDC and the NCC arises, the QDC will prevail.

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