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You will need this registration if you intend to form a co-operative. A co-operative is an organisation owned and controlled by its members that operates primarily for economic, social or cultural benefit of its members. A co-operative legally registered in one jurisdiction is able to operate on a national basis without the need for further registration or reporting requirements in each state.

A co-operative can be either a:

  • distributing co-operative
  • non-distributing co-operative.

A distributing co-operative can give a return or distribute surplus to the members of the co-operative as bonus shares, dividends or rebates. A non-distributing co-operative cannot give a return or distribute surplus to its members as they are not-for-profit organisations.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for registration, the proposed co-operative must have:

  • rules that are approved by the Register of Co-operatives
  • a draft disclosure statement approved by the Registrar of Co-operatives (only required for distributing co-operatives)
  • 2 or more co-operatives (for a co-operative group)
  • a membership of five or more people (for any other co-operative)
  • held a formation meeting.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

You must submit an Annual Return Form each year.


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Application process


There are three steps to registering a new co-operative:

  1. Approval of a set of rules by the Registrar. A draft disclosure statement for distributing co-operatives must also be approved and for other co-operatives if required by the Registrar.
  2. Once approved, a formation meeting is held to formally adopt the rules and, where a disclosure statement is required, to present the disclosure statement to prospective members.
  3. After the formation meeting, an application to register a co-operative form is lodged with the Registrar.


This registration cannot be transferred.

Administering agency

Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Office of Fair Trading

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