Use restricted items - Queensland


You will need to have a reasonable excuse if you intend to possess or acquire any of the following non-mechanised restricted items that are capable of causing bodily harm:

  • replica firearms such as gel blasters
  • handcuffs, thumb cuffs or similar restraints
  • nunchaku, kung-fu sticks or similar devices
  • a billy club, a baton or any device constructed or designed as a telescopic baton, that is not classed as a toy or a category M weapon
  • studded gloves
  • a laser pointer.

A reasonable excuse may include (but is not limited to) being a collector of replica weapons, being a part of a club that uses the restricted item recreationally or working in certain occupations.

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Regulatory Obligation

An obligation defined in law. A business must comply with relevant services.

Administering agency

Queensland Police Service

Weapons Licensing

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