Concealable Firearm Licence - Queensland


You need this licence if you acquire a Category H (concealable) firearm for the purposes of pistol club use, primary production and occupational use (other than business security).

You do not require it in the following circumstances:

  • For a member of the armed forces of the Commonwealth whilst in the performance of their duty;
  • For a member of the Queensland or Commonwealth police forces whilst in the performance of their duty;
  • Customs and Correctional Custodial Officers whilst in performance of their duty.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility Requirements

You must:

  • have attained at least 18 years of age, or if a member of an approved club have attained at least 11 years of age;
  • have adequate knowledge of safety practices relating to the use and maintenance of weapons for the category of weapons applied for (by completion of the 30655 QLD Course in Firearms Safety);
  • not be disqualified by the Weapons Act from holding a licence;
  • be a fit and proper person with specific reference to mental state, misuse of drugs , firearm offences involving violence or threatened violence, subject to an order under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 1989.

You must submit the following documents with the application:

  • Form 30 Declaration of identity;
  • Queensland Driver's Licence or, if you do not have a Queensland Driver's Licence, another acceptable form of photographic identification for proof of identity, date of birth and residency;
  • proof of your genuine reason for the licence i.e. club membership or occupational details;
  • your completed Safety Course Certificate.

(A) Pistol Club Licence - Refer 18B of Weapons Act 1990

  • Annexure (Sports or Target Shooting)
  • Approved Club Declaration (Form QP518A QP518B)

(B) Occupational - Primary Production

  • Annexure (Occupational - rural purposes)
  1. Details of any other person who is the holder of a licence in respect of any rural property associated with you, the applicant.
  2. Details of the location and size of any properties on which you, the applicant intend to use the weapon and the frequency of your visits to these properties.
  3. A description of the terrain encountered on the property, the various areas of land and their uses. (e.g. 1,000ha flat grass land, cultivation growing, 500ha hilly ground)
  4. Details of stock grazed on the property (type and number).
  5. Your reason for possessing a Category H weapon.
  6. Your reason why the use of a firearm of another category cannot be utilised.
  7. How long you have owned/occupied the property and why it is now necessary to utilise a Category H weapon. Also, what weapon, if any, was utilised prior to this application.

(C) Occupational Other (Vets, Animal Control, etc.)

  • Annexure (Occupational - other).
  1. A full description of the type of business conducted and a copy of the business certificate.
  2. Details of any other person who is the holder if a licence in respect of the business.
  3. Reasons why a Category H firearm is necessary and why the use of a firearm of another category is not possible.
  4. If you, the applicant are an employee of any registered business, Council or Authority, the position you hold.
  5. As an employee you will need to supply a 'Letter of Authority' from your employer verifying your stated details and setting out reasons why you, the applicant require the weapon in the course of your assigned duties and the nature of those duties.
  6. All weapons covered by this licence will be owned and further licensed by the businesses concerned. Applications to use or licence privately owned firearms for this purpose will not be approved.
  7. Form QP 0415 - Firearms List.


This licence may remain in effect for a maximum term of five years.


See weapons licensing fees, forms and FAQs in other resources.


You cannot transfer this licence.

Additional Information

Firearms may not be purchased by any person without a licence.

Category H firearms must be individually registered on the commissioner's firearms register.

Any pistol purchased or sold must be endorsed on your (the licensee's) firearm list.

If your genuine reason is for Pistol Club use, it is necessary for you to apply for and be issued with a Statement of Eligibility - QP515 form before your application for the licence can be made (unless you are already a holder of an existing licence for another category of weapon).

If your genuine reason is for Pistol Club use, it is necessary for you to complete a QP515 form before your application for the licence can be made (unless you are already a holder of an existing licence for another category of weapon).

Your application must be accompanied by a Form QP518A or QP518B when you submit your application (for the licence).

You can obtain copies of these forms from the website or from a Queensland Police station or from responsible officers of approved clubs. Please contact Weapons Licensing for further information.

An approved club is a body of persons who conduct a club or organisation for the sport of target shooting.

You must lodge the application for renewal at a Queensland Police station at least the day before the expiry date of the licence.

You do this by submitting a completed Form 6A - 'Application for Renewal of Licence' to a Queensland Police station.

You can obtain copies of this form from the website or from a Queensland Police station. Please contact Weapons Licensing for further information.

Your application must be received before the day the licence expires.

Application forms for renewal will be posted to you from Weapons Licensing, Queensland Police Service. If you do not receive the forms prior to expiry of the licence, the onus is on you, the licensee, to obtain renewal forms from a Queensland Police Station or from the website.

Weapons Licence holders are required to inform Weapons Licensing of any change of address within 14 days of the change. You can change your home, postal and weapons storage address details online using the Change in Circumstances form.

Alternatively you can complete a paper based Form 4A Change of address form or change other details using paper application forms available on the website.

Administering agency

Queensland Police Service

Weapons Licensing

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Senior Sergeant

Operating address: Floor 7, 46 Charlotte Street
Queensland 4000
Mailing address: GPO Box 892
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Phone: 07 3015 7777
Fax: 07 3015 7788
Website: Queensland Police Service (Opens in new window)