Registration and transfer of brands (horse, cattle, cattle earmark, symbol brands, pig, sheep and sheep earmark) - Queensland


You are required to obtain this registration in the following circumstances:

Registration of Horse and Cattle Brand:

  • to register a horse and cattle brand in order to prove ownership of horses and cattle, note branding is not compulsory unless selling cattle, see next dot point; or
  • to sell cattle weighing in excess of 100 kg liveweight.  Some exemptions may apply to stud cattle, please check with the brands office.

Registration of Horse and Cattle Earmark:

  • to register a cattle earmark for additional identification (This registration is not compulsory).

Registration of Symbol Brand:

  • to use a symbol brand on horses or cattle. (A symbol brand is not compulsory. A symbol brand may only be registered in conjunction with a three piece horse and cattle brand. When registered, it may be used in addition to, or instead of, a three piece horse and cattle brand).

Registration of Pig Brand:

  • to register a pig brand in order to prove ownership of pigs
  • to sell or offer pigs for sale that weighing in excess of 30kg liveweight. Exemptions exist if the owner does not own 2 or more pigs or a branded pig is resold within 7 days).

Registration of Sheep Brand and/or Sheep Earmark:

  • to register a sheep brand or earmark for identification of ownership. (This registration is not compulsory).

Registered brand/earmark owners are required to submit a Brand return by the end of January each year. Failure to do so can result in cancellation of the brand or earmark.

The purchase of a property does not result in the automatic transfer of brands or earmarks.

Registered Horse and Cattle Three Piece Brands and Symbol Brands can be used anywhere in Queensland providing they don't conflict with neighbour's brands.

A Symbol Brand may be used in addition to, or instead of, a Horse and Cattle Three Piece Brand as it is legal proof of ownership throughout Queensland.

Pig brands, cattle earmarks, sheep brands and sheep earmarks cannot be used anywhere in Queensland. They may only be used in assigned Earmark districts. Cattle earmarks, sheep brands and sheep earmarks are not compulsory, but are proof of ownership.

Earmarks must be made using pliers and must not remove more than one third of the ear.

The only legal colours for paint brands are blue, red and green. The different colours are used on specified positions on sheep.

Details are available from the Department's head office or the local Biosecurity Queensland office.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


This registration remains in effect as long as you continue to comply with the requirements of the Brands Act 1915.


Common Fees details for this service in table format.

Type Amount Description
Application $101.40

Cattle earmark

Application $101.40

Horse and cattle brand

Application $48.70

Pig brand

Application $101.40

Sheep earmark

Application $101.40

Sheep/goat letter or numeral fire brand

Application $101.40

Sheep/goat letter or numeral paint brand

Application $110.05

Sheep/goat symbol fire brand

Application $110.05

Sheep/goat symbol paint brand

Application $294.10

Symbol brand

Transfer $48.70


Additional Information


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Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Biosecurity Queensland

Licensing and Transaction Unit

Contact details

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Registrar of Brands

Operating address: Level 5
Primary Industries Building
80 Ann Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000
Phone: 07 3404 6999
Phone: 13 25 23
Fax: 07 3087 8328
Website: Business Queensland website (Opens in new window)