Commercial Harvesting Authority - South Australia


A land owner is required to have a Commercial Harvesting Authority for their property before any kangaroos can be harvested from their land. Kangaroos can only then be harvested by holders of a class 13 or 14 Kangaroo Field Processors Permit.

The harvesting of kangaroos in South Australia is regulated under the National Parks & Wildlife Act 1972, and through the permit and tag procedures detailed in Regulations under this Act. All kangaroos taken must be in accordance with the National Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies for Commercial Purposes (available from Department of Environment, Canberra).

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


Permits are issued on a calendar year basis to 31 December.



Administering agency

Department for Environment and Water

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