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You are considered to be acting as an investigation agent if you perform collection work or inquiry work.

Any person who carries on business as an investigation agent or works as an employee as an investigation agent must hold a licence under the Security and Investigation Agents Act 1995 (the Act).

Persons intending to operate as a process server no longer need to be licensed. However, to run a business or work as an employee as a process server you are required to hold qualifications specified in the Regulations under the Act and must not have been convicted of an offence listed in Schedule 1 of the Regulations.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

You are entitled to hold a licence as an employee if you:

hold the approved qualifications; are not suspended or disqualified from practising or carrying on an occupation, trade or business;have not been convicted of an offence listed in the Regulations; and are a fit and proper person.

If a business operates as a partnership each person in the partnership must hold their own licence.

You are entitled to hold a licence to run a business if you:

  • hold the approved qualifications (or one of your partners is qualified);and
  • have (or together the partnership has) sufficient business, knowledge, experience and financial resources;and
  • are not suspended disqualified from practising or carrying on an occupation, trade or business;and
  • are not an undischarged bankrupt or have not been subject to a composition or deed or scheme of arrangement for the benefit of creditors;and
  • have not, during the period of five years preceding the application for a licence, been a director for a body corporate that has been wound up for the benefit of creditors, when the body was being so wound up; or within the period of 6 months preceding the start of the winding up;and
  • have not been found guilty or convicted of an offence listed in the Regulations;and
  • are a fit and proper person.




2017/2018 Fees
$457 application fee
$296 annual licence fee (employee only).

Online, credit card, money order, cheques, selected Service SA outlets for cash payments.

Act(s) name

Security & Investigation Industry Act 1995 SA

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Licence applications can be completed online at

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