Marine Scalefish Fishery Licence - South Australia


You will need a licence if you intend to take marine scalefish for the purpose of trade or business from coastal waters off South Australia.

Licence holders can take the species of annelid, crustacean, mollusc, scalefish and shark specified in the legislation.

The Marine Scalefish Fishery is a limited entry fishery meaning no new licences are created or issued. Licences are only available by family transfer or authorised transfer under the licence amalgamation scheme.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To hold a marine scalefish fishery licence, you will need to:

  • be at least 15 years of age
  • be a fit and proper person to hold a licence in respect of the fishery.

Your application for a marine fishery licence by transfer may only be approved if the transfer occurs:

  • by an authorised family transfer
  • by an authorised amalgamation scheme transfer
  • in the administration of a deceased estate
  • as a result of the licence holder suffering from a total or permanent incapacity
  • as the result of a disqualification of a licence.


  • the transfer must be to one person only
  • the relevant fees must be paid in full
  • the licence to be transferred must not have been suspended
  • there must not be any legal proceedings in relation to the licence or fishery underway or likely to be commenced against the holder of the licence.


Licences are valid for the period of the applicable management plan. The current management plan will cease on 1 October 2023, at which point current licences will expire.


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Apply Application All $2771.00

Application process


Please lodge your completed application form with supporting documentation with the agency.


Licences are transferable. You may only obtain a licence through purchase and transfer from the licence holder to you.

Additional information

The number of boats that may be registered on a marine scalefish fishery licence is not restricted. However, only one boat may fish under a licence at any one time. Whilst the same vessel may be registered on multiple licences, multiple licences cannot be operated from one vessel at the same time.

Under the licence amalgamation scheme, marine scalefish fishery licences are assigned a points value. If the points value on a licence is equal to or greater than 24, then the licence may be transferred. If a licence has a points value of less than 24, the licence may only be transferred if it is to be amalgamated with another marine scalefish fishery or restricted marine scalefish fishery licence and the aggregate points value endorsed on both licences is equal to or greater than 24.

A family transfer allows a licence to be transferred without being subject to the amalgamation scheme. Under a family transfer, a licence holder may transfer the licence to:

  • the licence holder's spouse or domestic partner
  • the parent or grandparent of the licence holder
  • the brother or sister, or half-brother or half-sister of the licence holder
  • a child or grandchild of the licence holder
  • a child or grandchild of the spouse or domestic partner of the licence holder.

Administering agency

Department of Primary Industries and Regions

Fisheries and Aquaculture Division

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Fisheries Licensing Team

Fisheries and Aquaculture Division

Department of Primary Industries and Regions

South Australia
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Mailing address: PO BOX 120
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