Road Works Permit - City of Port Adelaide Enfield - South Australia


You will need this permit to undertake any alteration to a public road. A public road is any road or road verge owned or controlled by your local council.

You will make an alteration to a public road if you:

  • alter the construction or arrangement of the road to permit or facilitate access from an adjacent property
  • erect or install a structure (including pipes, wires, cables, fixtures, fittings and other objects) in, on, across, under or over the road
  • change or interfere with the construction, arrangement or materials of the road
  • change, interfere with or remove a structure associated with the road
  • plant, interfere with, or remove a tree or other vegetation on the road.

This permit includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • construction of driveway crossovers
  • installation and repair of stormwater drainage connections
  • development of street verges and / or nature strips
  • installation of underground electrical and water connections.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

Please consult the council for more information regarding eligibility requirements.


As specified


Fees Details for this service in table format.

Task Type Business Structure Amount Description
Apply Application All - Crossover / driveway and the like fees. Minimum rate plus per square metre:
  • minimum rate - $382.20
  • residential light duty - $108.45
  • light residential - $139.45
  • heavy residential - $180.75.
Fees for 2022-23
Apply Application All $87.80 Removal of existing crossover / driveway concrete. Fees for 2022-23
Apply Application All - Private work inverts in existing kerbing, and kerb and gutter or across unused invert. Minimum charge plus per linear metre:
  • minimum rate - $382.20
  • per lineal metre - $206.60.
Fees for 2022-23
Apply Application All - Inverts in conjunction with a crossover are charged at cost.
Apply Application All - Footway, stormwater pipes and culverts. Underground stormwater pipes over 300mm and pipes larger than 300mm, exceeding 5 metres in length or services involved are charged at cost. 
Apply Application All - Pipes of 100mm in diameter, installed under the footway:
  • during kerb and gutter or permanent construction, upon notification - $191.10
  • not in conjunction with kerb or footway works, and no permanent footway - $222.10
  • where permanent footway exists - $258.25.
Fees for 2022-23
Apply Application All - Concrete box culvert (300m x 100m) installed to gutter is charged at cost.
Apply Application All $632.00 Road opening and closing (external consultants are charged at cost). Fees for 2022-23
Apply Miscellaneous All -

Infrastructure bonds are charged per lineal metre of the property adjacent to the road reserve - including side boundaries. Please contact the council for information on the bond to be submitted.

Disqualified persons or entities

You will not need this permit if:

  • you are permitted to alter a road under some other legislative authority
  • the purpose of your alteration is to permit vehicular access to and from land adjoining the road and the alteration is approved as part of a development approval
  • the alteration is the installation, maintenance, replacement or removal of a telecommunication subscriber connection.

Administering agency

City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Contact details

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