Approval to Use Restrictive Intervention - Victoria


You will need this approval if you intend to use restrictive intervention within your disability service. Restrictive intervention (RI) involves the use of bodily restraint (either physically or mechanically) and / or seclusion of a patient in the course of operating the service.

Please note that there are strict requirements about the method of restrictive intervention. Restrictive intervention may only be used after all reasonable and less restrictive options have been tried or considered and have been found to be unsuitable.

Once you are approved, you may only use RI if certain conditions are met. RI must only be used if it has been authorised by:

  • an authorised psychiatrist
  • the delegate of an authorised psychiatrist
  • a registered medical practitioner
  • the most senior registered nurse on duty.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this approval you must:

  • be a registered disability service provider
  • nominate a person or persons to be appointed as an Authorised Program Officer.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

A restrictive intervention may only be used on a person if:

  • it is necessary to prevent the person causing physical harm to themselves or others
  • the use and form of the restraint or seclusion is the lease restrictive option in the circumstances
  • the use and form of the restraint is included in the person's behaviour support plan and complies with the behaviour support plan.

Behaviour support plans must be reviewed at least once every twelve months. An independent person must be available to explain to the person the inclusion of the proposed restraint or seclusion in the person's proposed behaviour support plan.


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Please consult the responsible agency for information on fees to be submitted with your application.


Act(s) name

Disability Act 2006 Victoria

Regulation(s) name

Disability Regulations 2018 Victoria

Application process


Please lodge your application and any associated documents directly with the organisation. Your application must include the prescribed details and a request for approval of the title and rank of any position and the name of the holder of the position to be appointed as an Authorised Program Officer for the disability service provider.

Additional information

This approval allows you to appoint one or more of your staff as an Authorised Program Officer. Authorised Program Officers are responsible for ensuring that restrictive interventions are only used in accordance with the Disability Services Act.

Administering agency

Department of Health

Office for Disability

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