Approved Brothel Manager - Victoria


You will need this approval to work as a manager of a brothel. A brothel must at all times be personally supervised by the licensee or an approved manager.

An approved manager must be placed in effective control of the business if a licensee is absent for more than seven days (if the licensee is absent for more than 30 days, the licensee must apply to the Agency to appoint a nominated licensee or approved manager to be in effective control).

An approved brothel manager can work for multiple sex work service providers, but must notify the Agency whenever he or she starts or ceases employment in a brothel business.


An approved manager must carry an identity card issued by the Agency when working at the brothel.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this approval, you must:


  • be at least 18 years old
  • be of good repute with regard to character, honesty and integrity
  • submit the required form
  • pay any prescribed fees.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

You will need to provide all information regarding changes to your circumstances within ten business days to the Agency. You will also need to comply with any other conditions or obligations outlined by the Agency.


Automatic cancellation occurs for reasons, including where you:


  • are found guilty of a drug or other serious criminal offence
  • become insolvent and don't get permission to continue as a brothel manager
  • fail to renew your approval (approvals are valid for three years).

Various legislative requirements exist concerning alarm buttons, lighting and safe sex illustrations. Please consult the Agency to ensure your business complies with current regulations.

You must display your licence in a conspicuous place at the front entrance of the place of business.


A brothel manager approval is valid for three years from the day it is approved.


A renewal application must be made at least three months before the expiry of the approval but not earlier than six months before that expiry.


Fees Details for this service in table format.

Task Type Business Structure Amount Description
Apply Application All $135.30

Fees for 2023-24

Act(s) name

Sex Work Act 1994 Victoria

Regulation(s) name

Sex Work Regulations 2016 Victoria

Application process


Please lodge your application, fee, and any associated documents directly with the Agency. You will need to attach:

  • two recent colour passport-sized photos of yourself with your name printed on the reverse
  • 100 points of identification documents
  • a copy of your birth certificate
  • a signed Consent and Statutory Declaration
  • any other relevant documents outlined on the checklist attached to the application form.

You will then need to complete a written assessment of your knowledge of the legislation relevant to the operation of a brothel business.

Approval time

The time taken to process an application will vary according to individual applications.

Disqualified persons or entities

You will not be eligible to act as a brother manager if you:

  • have been found guilty or convicted of an indictable offence in the preceding five years (or have individual associate or body corporate, or a director or secretary which have been convicted)
  • have had a prostitution service provider's licence cancelled within the preceding five years
  • are insolvent or under administration
  • are a represented person within the meaning of guardianship legislation.

Administering agency

Business Licensing Authority

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