Australian Standard AS 1670.3:2018 Fire Detection, Warning, Control and Intercom Systems - System Design, Installation and Commissioning - Fire - Victoria


You will be required to comply with this Standard if you construct a Class 1b, 3 or 9a building that is a residential care building.

Class 1b buildings are boarding houses, guest houses or hostels. Class 3 buildings include backpacker accommodation, residential parts of hotels or motels or accommodation for the aged, disabled or children. Class 9a buildings include health-care buildings such as laboratories.

Building regulations require a smoke detection system complying with this Standard to be installed in the building. This Standard requires that fire detection facilities be provided throughout all areas of the building, however, where systems are installed to solely meet the requirements of the BCA, detectors may only be required in certain nominated areas. It specifies requirements for the design, installation and commissioning of certain fire detection and alarm systems.

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Act(s) name

Building Act 1993 Victoria

Regulation(s) name

Building Regulations 2018 Victoria

Administering agency

Victorian Building Authority

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