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Code of Ethical Conduct for Registered AUSactive Professionals - Victoria


If you intend to work in the fitness industry in Victoria, there are standards that you will need to be aware of. All exercise professionals have a duty of care to prevent harm which could reasonably be expected to occur in the course of providing advice or instruction to clients.

Professional standards and guidelines developed by Ausactive will assist Registered Exercise Professionals in mitigating risk and exercising their duty of care.

These documents have been developed to provide a framework for the practice of fitness professionals within the fitness industry in Australia. Fitness industry policies are in place for fitness businesses and professionals to demonstrate best practice.

They cover such topics as:

  • relationships with, and responsibilities to clients (for example, confidentiality, personal relationships, clients rights)
  • professional integrity (including advertising, discrimination, personal abuse of alcohol or other drugs)
  • professional relationships and responsibilities (for example, loyalty, public comment, working relationships, professional development, research)
  • professional standards (including competencies, referral of clients, record keeping)
  • disciplinary process and right of appeal.

Fitness professionals can expect that their compliance with these standards and other industry guidelines set by Ausactive will be examined if any breach of duty is alleged.

Service type

Advisory Material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance in undertaking a business.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

This code does not replace the principles and procedures adopted by employing bodies or relevant legislation, nor does it deny other rights within society not specifically mentioned.

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