Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses - Victoria


You will be required to comply with this code if you own or handle horses. This code outlines the basic requirements for persons responsible for the welfare and husbandry of horses.

This Code provides guidance for riders, handlers, managers and stockmen on a range of requirements including food and water, shelters and accommodation, protection from climatic extremes and predators, handling facilities, management practices, identification and transportation.

Compliance with this code of practice is not mandatory. However, by complying with this code of practice you may be able to demonstrate that you have met your legal responsibilities. It may be a defence to a charge of animal cruelty that you have complied with this code of practice.

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Code of Practice

A code of practice is a set of rules which details how people in a certain industry should behave. A code of practice can be defined as a result of legislation or by industry regulators and bodies.

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Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 Victoria

Administering agency

Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

Agriculture Victoria

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