Permit to Keep Animals - Victoria


You will require a permit if you meet any of the following:

  • Keep more than 4 dogs or cats on a property if the area is more then 4000 metres squared
  • Keep a dog in a small lot dwelling;
  • Keep 2 dogs or cats on a property less than 4000 metres squared;
  • Keep any domestic animal on the property which comprises an area of less than 4000 metre squared;
  • Keep pig or swine on a property;
  • Keep more than 2 live games birds or 10 poultry on a property less 4000 metres squared;
  • Keep more than 25 live game birds or poultry on a property 4000 metres squared or more;
  • Keep five large birds on a property less then 530 metres squared;
  • Keep two large birds on a property greater then 530 metres squared;
  • Keep 10 small birds or more on an area less then 530 metres squared; and
  • Keep 50 small birds or more on a property greater then 530 metres squared.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


The holder of a Scientific Procedures Premises Licence (SPPL) or Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence (SPFL) is exempt from the cat and dog registration and identification requirements of the Act provided that the cat or dog:

  • is owned by that holder
  • is housed on scientific premises specified on the SPPL or on premises authorised by the SPFL for the carrying out of scientific procedures
  • has been bred for use in a scientific procedure or is being used or is intended to be used in a scientific procedure or is being used for use in scientific procedures
  • is individually identified in a manner commensurate with the Act.

The holder of a SPPL, SPFL or Specified Animals Breeding Licence (SABL) is exempt from the need to register a domestic animal business with a Council.

If the holder if a SPPL, SPFL or SABL sells a pet shop animal that has been used in research or teaching, the holder is exempt from the offence for a person to sell pet shop animals outside places other than private residences or a premises that is registered as a domestic animal business for that purpose.

Eligibility requirements

Please consult the responsible council for more information regarding eligibility requirements.


As indicated on the permit


Fees Details for this service in table format.

Task Type Business Structure Amount Description
Apply Application All $155.00

Excess animal. Fees for 2017-18.

Additional information

You must provide a vendor declaration to the receiver of a pig if you intend to dispatch it for slaughter or sale at an abattoir or sale-yard. Selling agents must provide a copy of the vendor declaration to the purchaser of the animal. You must keep a copy of it for 3 year to have available for inspection if you receive a vendor declaration. This is to prevent the spread of Menangle virus infection (porcine paramyxovirus0 and Bungowannah virus infection (porcine myocarditis).

Administering agency

Kingston City Council

Contact details

Contact Email, Phone and Address Details for this service in simple two column table format, header then data.

Local Laws Officer

Kingston City Council

Operating address: 1230 Nepean Highway
Cheltenham, Victoria 3192
Mailing address: PO BOX 1000
Mentone, Victoria 3194
Toll Free: 1300 653 356
Fax: 03 9581 4500
Website: Kingston City Council (Opens in new window)