Permit to Purchase, Possess and Administer Newcastle Disease Vaccine - Victoria


You will require this permit if you own a commercial poultry flock. You are required to vaccinate all commercial poultry against Newcastle Disease. Newcastle disease is a highly contagious viral disease that affects:

  • domestic poultry
  • cage and aviary birds
  • wild birds.

Vaccination must be in accordance with nationally agreed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The SOP will change according to the type of poultry being vaccinated.

Poultry includes any of the following that were reared or kept in captivity:

  • chickens
  • turkeys
  • guinea fowl
  • ducks
  • geese
  • quails
  • pigeons
  • pheasants
  • partridges
  • emus
  • ostriches.

A commercial poultry flock is any managed group of more than 1000 domestic chickens which include flocks of meat chickens, laying hens, and chickens used for breeding purposes.

Diseased poultry may enter Victoria under restricted circumstances, usually only direct for slaughter at an abattoir.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

Owners of commercial poultry flocks are required to maintain for three years a record of all Newcastle Disease vaccine used by type of vaccine, date of administration, location, and age and number of chickens vaccinated.

Vendor declarations for introduced vaccinated chickens must also be maintained for three years.

Any records of serological monitoring for Newcastle disease undertaken in the flock must also be maintained for three years.


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Act(s) name

Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 Victoria

Regulation(s) name

Livestock Disease Control Regulations 2017 Victoria

Administering agency

Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

Agriculture Victoria

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