Producer's Licence - Victoria


You will need this licence if you produce beer, wine, cider, brandy or spirits and you intend to sell alcohol on your premises.

A producers licence authorises you to:

  • supply your own alcoholic products to other licence holders
  • supply your own alcoholic products at your premises for take away sale
  • supply liquor for consumption on your premises
  • deliver your own packaged products to customers
  • sell your own alcoholic products from an additional retail premises
  • supply liquor by orders placed online.

Examples of businesses that will need this licence include wineries and boutique breweries. This licence may also be appropriate for large winemakers with cellar door, mail order, internet or wholesale sales services.

Please note that to sell your product at farmers markets, festivals and other promotional events you will need to apply for a promotional event authorisation. This is a special endorsement that applies to your licence and allows you to attend as many promotional events as you wish, subject to certain restrictions.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this licence, you must:

  • be a suitable person to carry on the business
  • have adequate knowledge of liquor licensing law
  • be at least 18 years old, if you are applying as an individual
  • not be currently disqualified from holding a liquor licence or BYO Permit
  • assume the financial risk of the production
  • if you will be selling beer, brew your own beer
  • if you are producing wine, cider or brandy - use fruit you have grown or fruit grown in Australia
  • if you are producing a spirit - the spirit is distilled under your direction.

Producers who do not meet the above criteria should consider applying for a Renewable Limited Licence.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

Once granted any variation, relocation, transfer or surrender of the licence must be approved and / or by the Director of Liquor Licensing.

Ongoing requirements include:

  • compliance with any conditions imposed on your licence by the Agency
  • providing free drinking water to your patrons
  • compliance with the applicable planning scheme
  • if the licence is held by a corporation or other organisation, ensuring that all new directors are approved by the Agency.

If you have authorisation to supply your products at promotional events you must keep records of all promotional events at which you have supplied your products.

You will need to keep a record of sales and purchases of liquor and keep each record for a period of five years.


12 months or from date granted until end of that calendar year


31 December each year


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Act(s) name

Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 Victoria

Lodgement process


Please submit your application together with all specified accompanying documentation referred to in the application kit directly with the Agency. Once an application is received, and relevant checks and inquiries completed, a decision will be made by the Director of Liquor Licensing to either grant or refuse the application.

In most cases the Director will impose conditions upon the licence. The time taken to process an application will vary according to individual circumstances.

Application process


You must make an application to the Director of Liquor Licensing by completing all requirements and forms contained in the application kit and providing all specified documentation and information to satisfy the Director that you are a suitable person to carry on business under the licence.

Please provide any additional information requested by the Director and pay the prescribed fees.

Administering agency

Department of Justice and Community Safety

Liquor Control Victoria

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