Approval for Freehold Land, Survey-Strata, Leasehold (Survey-Strata) or Community Titles (Land) Subdivision - Western Australia


You will need this approval if you intend to subdivide freehold land, including through a strata scheme or community scheme.

The subdividing of freehold land is the most common form of subdivision. Under a freehold subdivision, a single parcel of land is divided into two or more distinct pieces of land.

Strata title schemes are distinct forms of land ownership that exist in three forms: the strata (built strata) scheme, survey-strata scheme and leasehold strata scheme. Under all strata title schemes, a single parcel of land is divided into multiple lots, each of which can be owned by separate persons. Each lot owner under a strata title scheme shares ownership and management of common property within the broader land parcel, such as driveways and gardens. Common examples of strata title schemes include apartment or villa complexes.

Community schemes include similar features to strata title schemes, but offer many important distinctions. Community schemes exist in two forms: the community title (building) scheme and the community title (land) scheme. All community schemes enable the subdivision of a single parcel of land into multiple lots, each of which can be owned by separate persons. Distinct from strata schemes, community schemes allow for up to three tiers of management within a single scheme, allowing lots with different uses, management, and purposes to exist within a single parcel of land.

Please note that depending on your individual circumstances, the application process for subdivision approval may be complex and involve multiple steps.

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Act(s) name

Community Titles Act 2018 Western Australia

Planning and Development Act 2005 Western Australia

Strata Titles Act 1985 Western Australia

Regulation(s) name

Community Titles Regulations 2021 Western Australia

Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019 Western Australia

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Please note, the preferred method of application is via the Government of Western Australia????????s ePlan and eLodgment websites. Physical applications should only be lodged to the agency in exceptional circumstances.

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Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Western Australian Planning Commission

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