Australian Standard AS 2213-1984 Pin Type Couplings and Drawbar Eyes for Trailers - Western Australia


You will need to comply with these standards if you intend to be involved in the design, manufacture or importation of drawbar-type couplings or drawbar eyes used in a road train or B-double. You will also need to comply with this standards if you intend to operate a road train or B-double.

You must ensure that any couplings or drawbars have a d value and markings that comply with this standard.

This standard specifies the method of selecting 50 mm pin-type couplings for trucks towing one or more trailers or articulated vehicles towing trailer(s) in accordance with the D-value classification. The vehicles referred to are intended for use on highways at normal speeds. Specifies dimensional requirements for interchangeability and freedom of movement and dimensional requirements for mounting on the vehicle.

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Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012 Western Australia

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Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 Western Australia

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Department of Transport

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Driver and Vehicle Services

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