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All loads of bulk controlled waste and packaged controlled waste that are transported on roads in Western Australia must be tracked in the controlled waste tracking system. Bulk controlled waste is a controlled waste that is transported in a tank. Packaged controlled waste is controlled waste transported in a container.

Controlled waste is produced by:

  • industrial or commercial activities
  • medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, pharmaceutical or other related activities
  • activities carried out on or at a laboratory
  • an apparatus for the treatment of sewage.

Controlled waste includes sewage, chemicals, asbestos, tyres and food processing waste.

In order to track each load of controlled waste, waste carriers must complete a controlled waste tracking form. Controlled waste tracking forms are used to track the controlled waste from the point of generation (waste holder) to the point of disposal (waste facility) by the waste carrier. Each tracking form represents one truckload of controlled waste and is valid for one disposal only.

Once the tracking form has been completed, both the waste carrier and the waste facility that dealt with the load of controlled waste must send the Agency a copy of the tracking form. Waste carriers are licensed to transport bulk and packaged controlled waste on roads in Western Australia for gain or reward. Waste facilities are operated under an emissions licence or are otherwise authorised to unload, store, treat, reuse or dispose of controlled waste.

Controlled waste tracking forms are issued to waste carriers either electronically or in paper form. If you intend to use electronic tracking forms, you must apply to the Agency for access to the controlled waste tracking system.

You may be exempt from this process if you intend to transport packaged controlled waste with a total weight or volume less than 200 kilograms or litres.

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Regulatory Obligation

An obligation defined in law. A business must comply with relevant services.


A tracking number will be valid for 21 days if for standard controlled waste, or 7 days if for bulk controlled waste (unpackaged waste in a tank).


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Apply Application All

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Environmental Protection Act 1986 Western Australia

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Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004 Western Australia

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Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Environmental Regulation

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