Certificate of Registration as a Retirement Village Scheme - Queensland

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You require this registration to establish or operate a retirement village scheme.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms

Retirement village

premises where older members of the community or retired persons reside, or are to reside, in independent living units or serviced units, under a retirement village scheme. Note: Premises does not include a site within the meaning of the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003.

Retirement village scheme

a scheme under which a person enters into a residence contract; and in consideration for paying an ongoing contribution under the residence contract, acquires personally or for someone else, a right to reside in a retirement village, however the right accrues; and on payment of the relevant charge, acquires personally or for someone else, a right to receive one or more services in relation to the retirement village.

Eligibility requirements

As an applicant you should engage a corporate lawyer to develop contractual documentation. You should complete a Public Information Document in a prescribed format in a manner which reflects the features of the contract(s) and discloses the prescribed information.


You can transfer this registration.

A Certificate of Registration identifies the scheme and the scheme operator. Where any of the details change you must notify the Department and disclosure statements should be appropriately amended. You should seek a replacement Certificate of Registration where ownership changes.

It is an offence for certain people to be involved in the operation or management of retirement villages.


This approval remains in effect indefinitely.



Initial fee - new scheme

Application$39.40Criminal history check


You can obtain this Certificate of Registration by completing an "Application for Registration as a Retirement Village Scheme" (Form 2) and submitting it to the Residential Services Unit.

As the operator you may not be the person whom the Act prohibits from acting in that capacity.

Additional information

Applicants must undergo a criminal history check to confirm their suitability. The criminal history check applies to each person who appears on the application form. The fee applies to all applications and renewal notices.

If you have had a licence granted or renewed by the agency in the last 6 months, it may not be deemed necessary to have another criminal history check completed, however all clients should pay the fee at the time of lodgement. If it is determined that criminal history check is not required, the fee will be refunded.

As contracts are often complex, you, as a prospective operator, are strongly urged to consult professional advisers regarding the scheme documentation.

You must produce and issue Public Information Documents to prospective residents.

Contractual relations between you, as the operator, and residents, differ from real estate developments in that they usually extend medium to long term and involve provision of services and a continuing relationship.

Administering agency

Department of Housing and Public Works
Regulatory Services
Residential Services Unit

Act(s) name

Retirement Villages Act 1999 (Queensland)

Regulation(s) name

Retirement Villages Regulation 2010 (Queensland)

Contact details

Department of Housing and Public Works

Mailing address:
Brisbane, Queensland 4001


07 3008 3450


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